Last Chance Forever delivers a seamless blend of entertainment and education, an interactive exhibition that incorporates staff members and flying and non-flying raptors. Last Chance Forever is a non-profit organization whose mission is to rehabilitate sick, injured, and orphaned birds of prey, and return them back to their natural habitat.

Falconry is the sport of hunting with falcons and the art of training falcons to hunt with humans. It began long ago in Asia. In the Middle Ages, Crusaders learned falconry and brought it back to Europe, where kings and lords often maintained falconers who hunted for game with hawks and eagles as well as falcons.

Photo Credit Youfeng  Nie

The Great Rondini

The Engaging Escape Artist

​Embracing the Spirit of the Traveler

 Coal Black Rose

Photo by Robert Self

Marty The Juggler Show

Marty the Juggler performs a comedy juggling act exciting and entrancing for all ages! Watch him juggle knives, torches, and zany objects while balancing atop must-see contraptions! If you're lucky, you can catch a photo of him on stilts, or blowing a seven foot fireball! Laughter is healing, have a belly laugh with him at Fairhaven Field!

Show times will be posted at Stages and in Program

Photo credit: Grifisson Photography
Photographer: Griff Chavarria

Bottles of liquor, dice, and mice have appeared under otherwise empty cups when he's around. During his act he's made people laugh so hard they can't breathe. During his act he's laughed so hard he can't breathe! He's done magic shows for two thousand people, and for three people. 
"Jacob Jax is clever, fearless, smart and funny.
I hate him."
- Las Vegas Headliner, Mac King

Photo credit: OliveImage Photography
Photographer: Randy Maness

Photo credit: OliveImage Photography Photographer: Randy Maness

Photo credit: Grifisson Photography
Photographer: Griff Chavarria

Photo credit: Grifisson Photography
Photographer: Griff Chavarria

Smee, the Singing Executioner

This hooded cutup has been freed from the dungeon and plans to spend his weekends singing and storytelling at the Kerrville Renaissance Festival. He toured for over 25 years as half of Smee and Blogg, the Singing Executioners appearing at over 50 different Renaissance and Medieval Faires. They also were back stage entertainers for the Rolling Stones in 1982 and opened Charles Barclay’s Celebrity Roast, then turned it over to Billy Crystal. Smee continues to knock ‘em dead as a solo act.

Cheeky Peacocks

Lady Prudence, the Court Composer

Kings Guard

Lady Prudence, the Court Composer, delights in providing Songs for All Occasions! Find her in the lanes for a chance to choose a song, play along, and win her favor!

Jacob Jax Street Magician 

Bedouin Dancers​​

The Toobadours

The Toobadours are a  juggling & music comedy duo based out of Austin, Texas. This show pairs the juggling prowess & comic hijinx of Jon o’ Connor (formerly of The Flaming Idiots) with the musical innovation of accordionista Amanda Kitchens (formerly of Vana Mazi). If the idea of juggling, accordion, whips, a sousaphone, laughter, & fire entice you, join these visitors from the land of Schnozz & be swept into a fantastic new world.

Shimmy Sharon and her shimmy sisters

Magical Mystical Michael's original comedy, with high-powered magical effects makes his audience laugh while they're scratching their heads and wondering "How'd he do that?" A true entertainer, he blends mystery and personality, to keep you marveling wondering and smiling every minute of the show.

Comedy Juggling with

Michael Goudeau

Feb 2nd and 3rd ONLY

​The most successful juggler in Las Vegas history? Michael appeared as the comedy act in the Lance Burton, Master Magician show in Las Vegas for 19 years.  He's done more than 15,000 shows in Las Vegas.

He performed on TV shows, cruise lines, comedy clubs and review shows around the world. 
All the laughs of a great comedian combined with all the thrills of a great juggling act. This show isn't just someone talking about something funny that happened, its "funny" happening right now!

Laugh with the Comedy Magic


Magical Mystical Michael

Dublin Harpers

Musical talent flourishes in the Dublin Harpers! This outstanding family showcases the traditional roots of the Harp in Irish and Scottish culture, while concurrently delving into a kaleidoscopic musical journey of folk, contemporary, alternative, classical, and bluegrass genres. The Band, comprised of members of the Dunham Family have been formally trained and are active in music education.

Great Viking Army

League of Eccentric Souls

David Hazlett

 "Great Viking Army is a group dedicated to bringing Viking Age history to life through live-steel combat, the learning and practice of period crafts, and authentic daily life demonstrations. We are composed of fighters, craftsman, storytellers, historians, and other Viking Age enthusiasts."  

Image by Robert Self


The Great Rondini is an exciting and engaging Escape Artist! He brings a new flair to the Ancient Art of Escape; combining amazing skill, humor, and audience participation to create an unforgettable experience! Will he make it out this time? Come see and cheer him on as he continues to defy the odds, and the physical limits of the human body!

Image by Robert Self

Photo credit: Grifisson Photography
Photographer: Griff Chavarria

​​​Presented By Hill Country Festivals

Have a Musical Adventure with Klaus Weiland

​​​​Kerrville Renaissance Festival

Mark Haller Demonstrating Glass
is a celebrated artist who has been working with off-hand blown glass for over twenty-five years. His creations are evocative, having been inspired by nature, theoretical mathematics and his own meaningful relationships. He is currently doing in-depth presentations throughout the country using a portable furnace he built for travel. Mark invites you to learn more about this fascinating and versatile material we are all still discovering.

King Edwin the Great

King Edwin the Great, known by his loyal subjects as the Good King Ed, has presided for many years of peace and prosperity over the beautiful Hill Country Shire of Kerr. 

Known for his generosity and kindness, his royal highness has ordered a great festival of thanksgiving and celebration including amazing royal entertainers, incredible edibles prepared by His Highness' favorite food purveyors and talented & creative vendors of the realm!! 

Come one and come all!!! Come the young and old!! Share with us grand feasting, join in the merrymaking and take home wondrous treasures and sweet memories!!!!