Lady Genevieve

1st an d 2nd weekend only

King Edwin the Great

King Edwin the Great, known by his loyal subjects as the Good King Ed, has presided for many years of peace and prosperity over the beautiful Hill Country Shire of Kerr. 

Known for his generosity and kindness, his royal highness has ordered a great festival of thanksgiving and celebration including amazing royal entertainers, incredible edibles prepared by His Highness' favorite food purveyors and talented & creative vendors of the realm!! 

Come one and come all!!! Come the young and old!! Share with us grand feasting, join in the merrymaking and take home wondrous treasures and sweet memories!!!!


WOLGEMUT  Pipes & Drums
Ancient Music for your Modern Mind!

Wolgemut. Sounds like “Volga” (as in the river) and “moot” (as in point), Wolgemut is an ancient Germanic word which simply means “to be in a good mood” and is both the name as well as the goal of this high-energy early music troupe. The band, under the leadership of artistic director Michael Gartner, delivers a joyful, raucous show that will make you very WOLGEMUT!
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Last Chance Forever delivers a seamless blend of entertainment and education, an interactive exhibition that incorporates staff members and flying and non-flying raptors. Last Chance Forever is a non-profit organization whose mission is to rehabilitate sick, injured, and orphaned birds of prey, and return them back to their natural habitat.

Falconry is the sport of hunting with falcons and the art of training falcons to hunt with humans. It began long ago in Asia. In the Middle Ages, Crusaders learned falconry and brought it back to Europe, where kings and lords often maintained falconers who hunted for game with hawks and eagles as well as falcons.

Photo Credit Youfeng  Nie

Marty The Juggler Show

Marty the Juggler performs a comedy juggling act exciting and entrancing for all ages! Watch him juggle knives, torches, and zany objects while balancing atop must-see contraptions! If you're lucky, you can catch a photo of him on stilts, or blowing a seven foot fireball! Laughter is healing, have a belly laugh with him at Fairhaven Field!

Show times will be posted at Stages and in Program Downloadable version located on Show Schedule page

Photo credit: Grifisson Photography
Photographer: Griff Chavarria

Carriage Rides

Photo credit: OliveImage Photography
Photographer: Randy Maness


Geeky, Nerdy, Goofy Music for Geeky Nerdy, Goofy People, as performed by Tobias the Adequate!

Photo credit: OliveImage Photography Photographer: Randy Maness

François le Foutre's Raunchy Romp with the

 Raging Queen (18+ Only)

It's the gay pirate romance adventure you’ve always secretly (or openly) wanted! Join the most fearsome fruit in all of France as he shares the sauciest exploits from his banned books, There's Seamen on the Poop-Deck! and the rest of the six-part series The Seamen Sexology. Guaranteed to offend even the sturdiest of sailors: it's the tantalizing tail everyone's talking about! (And the tale's not bad, either). 

Lady Prudence, the Court Composer

2nd weekend only​

Kings Guard

Lady Prudence, the Court Composer, delights in providing Songs for All Occasions! Find her in the lanes for a chance to choose a song, play along, and win her favor!

Bedouin Dancers​​

​​Loreley Pearl Beach Mermaid

Dive into an whimsical experience as you encounter a real-life mermaid, born in the mystical waters of the Rhine River in Germany! This aquatic beauty has embarked on an incredible journey, swimming all the way to the vibrant Gulf of Mexico. Now, she's making a splash on land to forge friendships with us humans!

Prepare to be captivated by the mesmerizing tales from her aquatic adventures, and don't miss the chance to seize some fin-tastic memories with unique photo opportunities. Join in the fun as you interact with this magical mermaid and create unforgettable moments that'll have you hooked on the wonders of the deep blue sea!

Amanda Kitchens Duo
Amanda Kitchens has performed at faires & stages across the country for over a decade. She sings in 10 different languages & wields an accordion: the passport to see the world through song! Whether it be a Balkan wedding song or an upbeat original, you may find yourself with the uncontrollable desire to dance. Let go your cares at the Faire Haven Field!

“Are you ready to experience childbirth like NEVER before? Brace yourselves for "Midwife Crisis," where comedy and 'child-rearing' collide in the most hilarious way possible!

Led by the uproariously funny Midwife Blair Hoskins, this show is bursting with whimsy, adult subject matter, and yes, even onions! Expect the unexpected as Blair delivers her 'unconventional' teachings on parenthood. Whether you're an aspiring parent or just looking for a good laugh, this show is a must-see!”
Hope Rubeo



Singing and telling stories, transporting her audience to the Celtic lands of old, infusing her set with a wink and "a splash of blarney." Give a wink back and raise a glass. Any day that includes with the Bard O'Neill is sure to be a good one.

Dublin Harpers

Musical talent flourishes in the Dublin Harpers! This outstanding family showcases the traditional roots of the Harp in Irish and Scottish culture, while concurrently delving into a kaleidoscopic musical journey of folk, contemporary, alternative, classical, and bluegrass genres. The Band, comprised of members of the Dunham Family have been formally trained and are active in music education.

Vinland Texas Vikings

​Judas and Magnolia

"A  husband and wife team of entertainers featuring escape artist stunts, fire, music, and more. Their daring stunts will bring you to the edge of your seat with thrill, and suspense.

 "Vinland Texas Vikings is a living history non profit organization dedicated to developing and presenting the reconstructed lifestyle and culture of the Vikings. Our aim is to provide an accurate and educational portrayal of the Viking period, with an equal emphasis on daily life, and on the more warlike aspects in full contact live steel combat. The group consists of members from every walk of life. Veterans seeking a place to feel a sense of brotherhood and purpose by learning Viking age skills and participating in live steel combat. Everyday people looking to learn more about history and portraying a cross section of life in the 9th-11th centuries including fine craftsmanship, reconstructing clothing and gear and running authentic encampments. We are open to anyone around the world interested in reenacting."  

​​​Presented By Hill Country Festivals LLC

Mark Haller Demonstrating Glass
is a celebrated artist who has been working with off-hand blown glass for over twenty-five years. His creations are evocative, having been inspired by nature, theoretical mathematics and his own meaningful relationships. He is currently doing in-depth presentations throughout the country using a portable furnace he built for travel. Mark invites you to learn more about this fascinating and versatile material we are all still discovering.

​​​​​​​​Kerrville Renaissance Festival

David Hazlett